About ME–Mrs. Martin–your

Certified Culinary Instructor

I’m a wife, a busy mom and a 5th/6th grade teacher that enjoys preparing nutritious meals for her family.

As a healthy survivor of early childhood obesity, it’s important to me that my family practice healthy nutritional habits.  Though we don’t always succeed at being the model of good choices, we are very conscious and mindful of the nutritional choices we make and the ramifications there of.  That said, daughter serving active duty in the US Air Force, and a high school football playing wrestler, I’d say our choices thus far haven’t been so bad!

About the Mission of Small Fry’s Cooking, LLC

The Reality:

Living a healthy lifestyle in Southern Louisiana can be a challenge!  To say that we have plenty of good food options is an understatement!

The Research:

A report published four years ago by the Pennington Biomedical Research Center stated that approximately 1 in 3 Louisiana children is overweight or obese.  Associated with this epidemic is serious medical, psychological, and economic costs.  In 2011, a Research Advisory Committee convened by Pennington Biomedical Research Center challenged the state of Louisiana to reduce childhood obesity prevalence to 23.3% by the year 2020.

It was recorded that strong policies that support healthy eating and promote active lifestyles may be the answer to achieving this goal.

The Resolution: 

Small Fry’s Cooking, LLC offers Healthy Hands Cooking classes that provide the perfect opportunity for children to learn nutrition and culinary skills. Through personal, fun, and empowering learning experiences, children are taught the skills to foster healthy lifestyles.  Classes are designed to be mobile, so whatever the occasion or situation may be, together, we can help our children defeat childhood obesity!

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To read the full report from Pennington Biomedical Research Center on childhood obesity, visit http://www.pbrc.edu/prism/