Meals w/Small Fry’s (The Martin’s) #3

This day’s meal is one of Mr. Martin’s specialties…yes, Mr. Martin!  We share all responsibilities in the Martin home.  There are no male and female roles except in the electrical and automotive arenas!  Mr. Martin can’t count on much help for me, but I will fully support his mission, LOL, and the same goes when it comes down to serious planning!  He’s my biggest fan, but he steers clear of the lead role!

Any who, one of our favorite meals is a super simple one…shrimp and grits!  This time, Mr. Martin decided to add some extra flavor–and calories–by wrapping the shrimp in bacon–DELISH!  He added a delicate amount of seasoning to the grits since we are not big on salt.  To top it off, he fried a few eggs.

Now, this meal doesn’t cover all the nutritional basics, but it definitely provided for a grand amount of protein and some happy tummies 🙂


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