Meals w/The Martin’s! #2

So, it’s been a minute since a posted a meal…not that we haven’t been cooking, but here’s what’s been happening.

First off, there was a very eventful spring break starting with me twisting my ankle pretty bad while working in the yard!  Then, there was spring break vacation to Universal Studios Orlando with the family…yes, my boot and I trampled around the amusement park because there was no way I was missing out.  That being said, meals were being prepared, but through the hustle, bustle, and injury, there may have been a few lapses!

On that note, let’s see what The Martin’s have been up to.

Now, this meal is shockingly similar to the last with good reason…I told you guys I’ve been ordering the Luckett’s Farm CSA box which delivers the freshest, in season produce around; therefore, I cook what’s in the box, and this time of the year yields delicious greens and sweet potatoes.  On the side, we have some backed turkey wings.  Yum!!

As a treat for ya’ll, I posted a pic of my hubby and kids–just an example of what good, healthy eating looks like 😉

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