Meals w/the Martin’s! #1

So, as I was preparing dinner for my family this evening, it dawned on me…shocking that it just dawned on me even though others have been doing it forever, but honestly, I don’t like being a follower, so that’s where the hold-up lies…any who…it dawned on me that the best way for a cooking instructor to gain credibility–other than positive reviews and referrals from clients–is to prove that they actually know how to and do COOK!  That being said, I am starting this blog series entitled “Meals w/the Martin’s!”  🙂

Tonight’s meal:

  • Korean BBQ Pork Steak–seared and placed in pressure cooker with Korean BBQ sauce.
  • Mixed Greens w/Smoked Meat–blanched and baked
  • Cinnamon Sugar Sweet Potatoes–tossed in olive oil, cinnamon, sugar, and a dash of salt–air-fried.


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